Thursday, 5 February 2009

Evening walk along the river Danube

Above: Skilful crane driver in his cabine :)))

My friend Brigitte and I took an evening walk along the river Danube today,
starting at Donaukraftwerk Freudenauand walking along the Southern bank of the Danube to Praterbrücke,
passing by Vienna's container harbour,
and a crane driver showing off with his skills on the huge machine when he saw two ladies walking by (together at least 100 years on four legs plus a 5 year old dog:)))
which made us smile a lot, very refreshing, hehehe :)))
and with the white swans escorting us!

And these tulips are my hubby's birthday flowers and I think they were grown in Holland,
or maybe in Skagit Valley where my friend MaryBeth lives?
Well, will we ever know ????

Tired D'Ora


Kengot said...

Funny shot, ducks in the night.
Thanks for let me see freight train with German words.


Lucky you, seeing such beauty at night! Swans are such amazing birds, I have only seen them in daylight!

Kengot said...

'My truck is the love', right?

Maria said...

Yes, but also "My vice is love"!

Barbara Martin said...

How lovely, the swans coming to see who is taking their pictures in the darkness. For some photographers into seeking ghosts, those spheres in the first photos may be just that.

Jan said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Is the Danube always that "glassy" this time of year? I love the reflections.

Kessi said...

Herrliche! Diese Bilder, dieses Spiel mit dem Mond im See, die Schwäne, wie idyllisch... !!! Wunderbare Aufnahmen und so romantisch!! Und was habe ich zu meiner Riesenfreude ganz am Ende entdeckt? Die kleine d'Ora ;)), wie sie selig träumt... So wundervolle Bilder, so ein schönes Feeling am Morgen :), dankeschön!! Ich wünsche Dir einen traumhaft schönen Tag und ein ebensolches Wochenende!! Und d'Ora ist ganz lieb gekrault von mir ;)) - Kessi

waldviertelleben said...

wunderschön wie immer. da kann frau richtig mitgehen und neue eindrücke und ausblicke gewinnen. danke.

antigoni said...

A walk along the river! Beautiful moments. And your photos are great, too.

soulbrush said...

those swan photographs are absolutley magnificent. i remember now that you are also an aqua, when was your bday? happy happy b day 'young' aqua. hugs.

Judy said...

Love the swans!! (Does anyone NOT like swans?) I have never thought to even look for them at night!
Sounds like you had a lovely walk, all three of you.
My dog sleeps UNDER the blankets. It is only a problem when he gets out, and wants back in again, in the middle of the night.
Thanls for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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