Thursday, 21 July 2011

Skies in Egypt

Sky Watch Friday:
Here are some pictures I made in Egypt in November last year!
Sky watch pictures, of course :)

Here are our first impressions of the African sky :
White feathery clouds over pink desert sands!
I was really stunned!

I think I made 100 pictures or even more!

And then the blue-green strip of the river Nile appeared!

Egypt's lifeline in the desert!

The white sails of a felucca boat brought us to the Botanical Garden in Assuan.

The subtropical vegetation of Kitchener's island gave us pleasant shadow in the heat of the Assuan skies!

Mimosa bushes perfumed the sky over the eternal temples of Abu Simbel.

In Edfu, antique columns worshipped the sky since ancient times.

Finally we reached the Red Sea at Hurghada,
with desert moutains in the evening light hovering over bizarre tourist palaces...

Ahhh... romantic, though,...

We visited a Bedouin-village in the desert mountains at dusk.
A camel ride, Bedouin dishes, Bedouin carpets...

Bedouin children
going home when the sky was getting pale.

Sunset over the desert!

We went back to Europe and wished to come back soon!

Sky Watch Friday!
All around the globe!


joo said...

Lovely sky Maria!
have a nice weekend:)

Lesley said...

Oh my, all these were stunningly beautiful!

eileeninmd said...

Lovely series of photos from your trip. Happy skywatching!

eileeninmd said...

Lovely series of photos from your trip. Happy skywatching!

Elizabeth said...

Gosh what super clouds in the first shots!
I'm madly jealous of you getting to Egypt.

Andrea said...

Wow i envy your tour, Egypt is a country still in my dreams and might stay a dream forever! Your skies look like the one i've seen while hovering over the skies of Netherlands on my way to Amsterdam from Asia. I thought then, why are those clouds behave like that and very near the surface. We dont see them here in the tropics. Your photos are great and thank you!

Ms. Becky said...

THANK YOU for this tour. these photos are fantastic. jaw-dropping. I could stare for a very long time, and I guess I did. a person could get lost in these images. happy SWF. thanks for sharing your art.mose

Wanda said...

What an amazing array of pictures.

Loved scrolling up and down and seeing all the details.

Kel said...

great collection of skywatch photos
if i had to pick a fave it would be the sail

Arija said...

Wonderful pictures Maria, love the shadows of the clouds and all the wonders of the landscape. I will come back to wallow in this beauty when I get a quiet moment. My poor Prof has Alzheimer's and I have my hands full all day, every day.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice post and photos, too.