Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!

In Vienna, the last weeks were sunny and pleasant.
Finally, spring had come with
blossoms and flowers everywhere.

As every year,
I went to the Donauinsel to see if the Japanese Cherrytrees were already blooming.

Yes, they were in full bloom,
and I spent the whole afternoon strolling along the riverside of the Danube with my doggy D'Ora.

When I took pictures of the cherrytrees,
a flock of swans passed by.

I thought of my friend Ayamlin in Tokyo and sent my best wishes to her.

The Japanese Cherry trees were planted by representatives from both countries in 2009 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan.

By the way, our Easter holidays are wonderful this year!
We have sun, sun, sun and pleasant summerly temperatures!

Happy Easter to you!


Lady Di Tn said...

Beautiful photos as usual. May your Easter be Blessed and may your wish for your friend come true. We get very sparse update on Japan now and my wish for them is to Recover and Wisely take care of the disaster. Peace be with you today and always.

Maria said...

Happy Easter, Maria!
Wishing you His Peace, Joy and Hope~
*always ~ Maria

Marina said...

Happy Easter dear Maria!
Health and love in your family!!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Maria,

Lovely photos.

Wish you and your family Happy Easter,

Donna said...

The cherry tree blooms are so beautiful! That soft pink color is irresistible. Happy Easter to you!

Emille said...

The Cherry blossoms are as beautiful as your friendship to Ayamlin!

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
Thank you for your beautiful cherry blossoms' picture!
I still remember you posted those pictures last spring, too.
I'm so pleased I can see beautiful cherry blossoms in Vienna.
tonight I saw people who are against nuclear plants in Austria on tv.
I didn't know your country is famous for to be against it.
your country is great and clever.
I hope our country becomes like your country.
night night, maria!