Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Now spring is coming

Last Sunday my husband and I sought relief from watching the disturbing news from Japan.
We strolled through the outskirts of Vienna
where we found a landscape still wearing the colours of winter,
but showing the first signs of spring.

What a fancy thing:
the colour of the river Danube exactly matched the colour of the first violets!

Some bushes even showed a pleasant yellow!

Liverwort is a common sping flower in the decidous forests of the Vienna Woods, and its colour is also "Danube-blue" :)

We walked back to the city through the endless wineyards, still bare and grey,

towards a city with nearly 2 million inhabitants
(which actually looks like a very big village... )

Here we found the first snowdrops - the wetlands of the Danube must be full of them by now!


Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thinks everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is happy to see winter end and spring begin.

Janie said...

It's so beautiful to watch spring and new life come to the land. Thanks for sharing a bit of this experience in your land.

Donna said...

I love those wildflowers!

Marina said...

Υes spring is coming with so much sadness!!! I DO think of Aya all the time...I saw that you asked her to come to Austria and so did I!!! But is it easy to change your life from the bottom in just a few days??? And we wonder if Jappanese know the truth about what is really happening in their country....I pray for her and her family, for her unborned child and for every man and woman who live there!!!
I hate nuclear energy because the minute an accident happens, hundreds of people die, either they are near there or not!!! Do you know that the majority of Greeks suffer from illnesses due to Chernobil??? Especially at their thyroid....

As for my blog, I stopped writing English cause I needed many hours to write a simple post because the computer presented some technical problems when I was writing in the two languages! And I needed to write in greeks to comunicate with my family and friends now I'm so far away my country!
As for my foreign friends I put a translator on the top of my blog!!! You are welcome to use it!!!
Thanks for coming by!!!! I hope our friend will survive with no damage and at her face all the people in Japan!

jeannette said...

Ah, isn't it exciting to see the signs of spring! Love the violets and the snow drops too! Thanks for sharing.

Lady Di Tn said...

Your walk was a nice one to tag along on. Thanks for sharing and spring is suppose to arrive here (Tennessee) this Sunday March 20th but mother nature is already blessing us with the warmth and blooms. I too pray for all those who are suffering the horrible tragedy that has struck Japan. I too do not like nuclear energy because mistakes are made and natural disasters can create a deadly affair so quickly. Peace be with you.

Pietro said...

Maria, I enjoy very much this beautiful sequence of images! Very attractive landscapes and flowers!