Monday, 25 May 2009

My World Tuesday - Long Shadows on a Sunny Evening

Returning home after a pleasant hiking tour in the mountains near Vienna,
at Obersberg/Schwarzau im Gebirge,
last Saturday.

The sunlight casts long shadows,
highlighting the pine trees high above on the limestone cliffs,
a scenery reminding me of Japanese paintings.

We leave the narrow canyon, Höllental,
following the river Schwarza between the mountains Schneeberg and Rax,

heading for the big city,

approaching Vienna from the South.

What a contrast!
City architecture, old and new,
Gasometer, Vienna's former gas tanks,
and a new crumpled building,
Coop Himmelblau's Gasometer B.

Finally we arrive at the Donaukanal, only a few steps from the heart of the city!
The shadows are even longer, caressing
the "City Beach" ...

Please enlarge :))
Feel the dreamy atmosphere!

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Ebie said...

What a coincidence! We are here up in the mountains in Mammoth Lakes for a holiday and we are seeing the same views.My daughter is taking pictures while I am driving. Lovely pictures you took from up above the side walk umbrellas.

Gaelyn said...

That is one quick change in scenery. The beach looks inviting, but I like the mountains best. Great captures and post.

Titania said...

Beautiful from the country back to the city. The walk along the river is peaceful. It looks like lots of people take advantage of the balmy evening to enjoy outdoors. It was nice to come along on your trip back home.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, what a lovely trip! Gorgeous photos! Love the beach, the contrasting buildings and the mountains! How great is that! Thanks as always for sharing your world, Maria!

Arija said...

Maria, the second last shot is a masterpiece! The evening light bouncing off the pavement and the long, long shadows....
Great contrasts between the country and city and although some more industrial arts are not the most scenic, when you see the last two shots, the city hs its compensations.

kbguy (福生) said...

love the scene and the beautiful photos. Wish I can be there too..

Guy D said...

Great photos as always Maria, beautiful country.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

jeannette stgermain said...

love the pics with the big yellow parasols! And the new pic in your header is wonderful - remind me again which flowers these are?
Have a gret week!

Catherine said...

Love thos last two of the long shadows on the city beach...beautiful..

Karen said...

Wonderful progression of photos, chronicling your trip.

Great post and captures..

The Explorer said...

nice place you have there.

And like you I like hiking mountains.

Wolynski said...

What a contrast - the third photo looks like the approach to any American city. But it's old and beautiful Vienna - lovely photos.

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
You spent a nice weekend:)
I enjoyed seeing nice scenery in your pictures.
I like limestones!
In Japan there are many limestones and we can walk into the limestones.
They are really mysterious worlds there!

Deb said...

such beautiful photos... love the contrasts...

Lara said...

beautiful! Vienna and the places around it are superb!

Annie said...

Ah, love that summer beach...a great series of shots, thanks Maria...

ps Haven't forgotten the lovely award you gave me ages ago...just have to pass it on yet! I am a bit slow since I came to visit the family in New York!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

From the mountains to the city! What a beautiful country to share, Maria. By the way, my Meme blog is here

Australia: Quadrat in Focus>

Barbara Martin said...

Love the photos of the country combined with the ones of the bistro on the canal.

storyteller's other blog said...

What a beautiful varied world in which you live ;--)
Hugs and blessings,